Discover These Natural Supplements For Anxiety

natural supplements for anxiety

Anxiety and depression are modern-day ailments that can debilitate day-to-day activities. There is often the need to take medication for such ailments, especially in the case of anxiety. Doctors will prescribe medication that contains many scientifically researched substances.

However, these substances are often artificial and are most often accompanied by side effects. For this reason, it is a much better option to choose natural supplements for anxiety. Below are just a few of these natural treatments.


1. Valerian Root As One Of The Natural Supplements For Anxiety

One of the first options to natural supplements for anxiety is Valerian root. It is first on the list here, as it offers both alleviations to anxiety, and provides a substitution for sleeping pills. What makes it a first choice that it comes in the form of a tea, or as capsules.

The tea provides a direct extract and would, therefore, have immediate results. However, as with any of the many natural supplements, it is best to use them in consultation with your doctor.


2. Chamomile As A Preferred Anxiety Supplement

Chamomile is one of the natural supplements for anxiety that comes in the form of tea or capsules as well. It is a preferred supplement, as it is more readily available than most of the other herbal supplements.

Again, it is a personal choice of whether you prefer to use the tea or the capsules. As with the Valerian supplement, you can use it as a supplement for a good night’s rest as well. It does have a calming effect and is, therefore, useful in treating anxiety.


3. Lavender From The Garden

Most avid gardeners have lavender in their gardens, and it is another useful natural supplement for anxiety. This is one of the supplements where the whole plant has benefits.

You can take the leaves, stalks, and flowers, draw them as tea, or add it to your bath for relaxation. According to the University Health News, lavender as an oil, or as capsules, has proven results to curb anxiety.


4. Passion Flower For Anxiety Relief

As another one of the many natural supplements for anxiety, passionflower can bring relief to anxiety as well as for sleep disorders, and other ailments such as heart failure, pain, and fibromyalgia. This supplement was once on the FDA list, specifically for anxiety. It was later removed due to a lack of evidence of its effectiveness and safety.

However, many have used it and found it to be effective. As with most natural supplements for anxiety, it is important to consult your doctor. Especially if you are on other medications such as high blood pressure and other conventional medication.


Most of the supplements could also have side effects such as nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, headaches, and drowsiness. The latter is fine if you wish to sleep at night, and it is, therefore, a good reason to take the supplements at night.

The best way to take the natural supplements for anxiety is to consult with a homeopath as well. These doctors would be able to give you a better idea of which of the many supplements would be most effective for your individual needs.

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