Your Guide To Using Kava Root Supplement To Treat Anxiety Issues

kava root supplement


Kava is a plant that’s found in tropical climates. Especially on the islands located in the Pacific Ocean. It’s shaped sort of like a shrub and most of its growth happens low to the ground. It has heart-shaped leaves that are light green in color. Hawaii, Samoa, and Fiji all cultivate the kava plant.


It’s the main ingredient in the kava root supplement that’s used to treat both anxieties as well as depression. Those native to the countries we’ve just mentioned traditionally use it to brew their ceremonial drinks as well as their herbal remedies.

This plant is known to have a soothing, calming effect and provides pleasant sensations to those people who make use of it. It’s because of these qualities we’ve just highlighted, made kava grab the attention of the entire medical community in general as being a possible natural treatment to anxiety.


Kava And Anxiety

The kava root supplement has been employed as an unregulated herbal remedy by people for many many years. However, it’s only recently that medical researchers have managed to isolate an active ingredient known as Kavain.

This ingredient is what affects your mood receptors helping those with anxiety. Unfortunately, though, these researchers haven’t found the connection between kavain and suppressing mild anxiety.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Kava

Kava gives rise to feelings of relaxation and in some cases euphoria. Take a dose that’s high enough and it might just put you to sleep. Especially, if it’s anxiety is what’s keeping you awake. It seems to be less intrusive or addictive than some sleep medications and antianxiety remedies.


However, this is an unproven assertion for now. The main disadvantage of using the kava root supplement to treat anxiety issues is that people aren’t educated enough about it. The recreational use of the kava plant has been reported to give rise to liver damage to the user.

For many years it has been banned in nations such as Germany and several others because its safety is yet to be confirmed.


Forms And Doses

Kava can be taken in many forms. But, there’s still a lot more research needed in this area as well. Nevertheless, for now, it’s commonly taken in.

1. TEA – Kava tea is a product that’s not that hard to come by. It happens to be on the shelf of almost all the health food outlet stores all across America.

2. LIQUID/TINCTURE – Kava can also be taken in its liquid form. It has a smoky and potent whiskey-like taste. You can take it neat, straight from the bottle, or mix it with juice if you can’t stand the taste.

3. CAPSULES AND POWDER – It can also be found in powder form and then used to fix a strong drink that’s usually a bit difficult to put down.



The science of the kava root supplement used to treat anxiety issues continues to evolve. Not a lot is currently known about the plant in general. There’s still a lot of research that needs to be done to show the long-term uses of kava to treat anxiety.


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