14 Valerian Root Tea Benefits For Your Health

valerian root tea benefits

Valerian Root Tea Benefits

1. Sleep Improvement

Valerian root tea benefits include sedative properties that help in relaxation thus promoting sleep. The tea also contains properties that help in increasing GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) levels in the brain thus improving sleep.

Most people who live with long and short-term stress are likely to have poor sleep and anxiety due to the lack of GABA at higher levels. Valerian root tea is also likely to reduce sleep disturbances in people who are suffering from HIV, Benzodiazepine withdrawal, Rheumatoid arthritis, and hypothyroidism.


2. Stress Improvements

Valerian root tea benefits, in this case, include lowering either short or long-term stress by increasing GABA levels in the brain that helps in relaxing your mind.

The tea is also able to reduce the chances of physical reactions generating from stress. A study has proved that those people who are likely to suffer from stress will keep awake due to intrusive thoughts related to stress.

People suffering from stress are prone to suffer from high blood pressure and slow heart rate. When the tea is taken, all the diseases that come as a result caused by stress are to be lowered.


3. Helps In Reducing Anxiety Symptoms

Valerian root tea has a similar effect with Xanax and benzodiazepines Valium. They are known best for reducing anxiety and increasing the levels of GABA receptors within the brain.

When valerian tea should be taken together with St John’s Wort for 6 weeks the symptoms of anxiety and depression are likely to disappear very fast.


4. Helps In Reduction Of Menstrual Cramps And Pain

Valerian root tea helps in suppressing muscle spasms through its antispasmodic and sedative properties. Studies show that it inhibits the contraction of the uterine muscles.

The tea is best known for treating painful cramps associated with uterine cramping. Also in the study, it is confirmed that valerian root tea best relieved menstrual pains compared to the use of placebo groups.


5. Decreasing Menopause Symptoms

Valerian root tea has an impact on increasing sleep for women who have reached menopause. Saying that lack of sleep is a symptom associated with menopause.

The sedative properties present in the valerian root tea helps in increasing the rate of sleep. The tea is also known to have powers in increasing the GABA levels in the brains where relaxation is enhanced. When you are relaxed you are likely to have good quality sleep.


6. Valerian Root Tea Benefits To Heart Health

Valerian root tea has the ability to strengthen blood vessels and also making them be more elastic which is a crucial benefit in heart health.

Furthermore, it is well known for lowering the symptoms of high blood pressure which may tamper with the health of the heart.

Blood vessels in the heart are widened and relaxed which helps the heart to pump and circulate blood in the body without a lot of pressure.

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7. Ease Restless Legs Syndrome

This is a disease associated with uncomfortable leg sensation. The affected people feel the urge of moving their legs so that they can clear the uncomfortable sensation.

Valerian root tea is found to relieve restless legs syndrome by reducing sleep during the day. Lack of sleep during the day enhanced movement thus reducing the uncomfortable itchy sensations of the legs.


8. Improves Well Being Of The Patients During Cancer Therapy

It is advised for all patient who is undergoing cancer treatment to use valerian root tea since it consists of mechanisms that reduces fatigue.

The tea has got a calming effect that helps the well-being of the people suffering from cancer during the therapy.

A thing to note is that valerian root tea must not be used together with the cancer drugs since it can give a negative reaction.


9. Helps In Relieving Digestive Problems

The antispasmodic properties present in valerian root are known to be used as a home remedy in stomach cramps.

The tea also reduces the muscle spasms around the gut that helps in the normal movement of the bowers thus reducing discomforts during digestion.

Essential oils and valepotriates which are present in the valerian root tea also help in reducing the chances of contraction in the small intestines.

Other valerian root tea benefits include its antioxidants properties that stimulate the best functioning of the muscles.


10. Improves Memory And Cognitive Function

Memory loss and cognitive disorders mainly affect those people who are old and those likely to have undergone brain surgery.

Valerian root tea must be likely known to reduce the risks of the decline in cognitive function since it is a brain booster.

The oxidative property reduces stress which might attack the center of the mind which helps in improved memory as well.


11. Reduces Headaches And Migraine

Valerian root tea is the best way of reducing migraines and headaches. The anti-inflammatory properties present in the valerian root tea also help in soothing the inflammation in the head capillaries. In addition, helps to lower blood pressure. Reduces the pain and the tension in a headache that can even cause a migraine.


12. Helps In Reducing Depression

Valerian tea is best known for decreasing the amount of stress and anxiety. The sedative and soothing properties present are found in the roots and oils of the valerian helps in a calming effect. Furthermore, relieve the patients from being overwhelmed. Valerian root tea also provides mental clarity thus eliminating all the feelings of depression.


13. Reduce Joint Pains

Valerian root tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help in soothing joint pains. There is also an important property that is the calming effect also helps people who are suffering from joint pains to be reduced.

When valerian root tea is taken on a daily basis the users are not likely to suffer from arthritis.


14. Helps In Easing Hand Tremors

Hands tremor is caused by brain areas that control locomotion. Valerian root tea has anti-anxiety properties that help in reducing hands tremor.

When taken in, it increases GABA levels in the brain which in return reduces the shaking of hands since the brain is the one that controls movement.

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